Sport’Al handrails

Sport'Al hand rails


As the entire collection, the Sport'Al handrails and foot-restraints are developed with a specially manufactured aeronautical aluminium alloy. This lightweight and high-performance material offers an extreme resistance to corrosion and a weight saving of about 40% compared to stainless steel, for identical performances.
Designed with discretion and elegance, the diameter of the tube is reduced to 25 mm. Fixation can be done by the inside, without need of mounting plates, as well as by the outside, thanks to optional mounting plates screwed under the handrail base.



For specific needs, we also offer customizable foot restraint, realized with a 30 mm diameter tube welded to mounting plates, to offer a wide lateral sitting base (mounting from the inside). Maximum lenght 3500 mm, curved profiles can be supplied.
Sport'Al foot restraint

Sport'Al foot-restraint on Class 40 Campagnes de France


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