Sport’Al 30 stanchions

Sport'Al 30 stanchions


Goiot's Sport'Al 30 stanchions have been developed with aerospace-quality material, known for its strength and lightness.
Designed for yachts with double or triple rows of guardrails, this 30 mm diameter range is rather aimed at units over 50 feet.


Sport'Al 25
Design & performance
Our Sport'Al 30 stanchions offer a weight saving up to 50% whilst demonstrating better mechanical characteristics compared to the best stainless steel products.


Sport'Al stanchions are designed to be installed with three different types of stanchion bases :

  • D50 base with threaded rod through deck + M20 anodized bolt
  • D60 base with threaded rod through deck + M20 anodized bolt
  • D60 base fixed to the deck by three 6 mm screws

Each stanchion is fixed to its socket with a M6 black anodized screw.
The gate door is fitted with forged stainless steel eye nuts, mounted with isolant polymer rings. The guardrails are also protected by isolant polymer rings.



Available options
  • Personalized sizes, guardrails heights, colours and finishes are available on demand : contact Goiot for all of your projects !



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