Tradition range

Hublots Tradition


Stemming from the long tradition of sturdy products that have built the reputation of Goiot, the Tradition range is entirely made from aluminium casting, using the most resistant alloys.
These portlights are intended to traditional and or service boats, or to boats built to tough out with the worst sea condition, as rescue speedboats.
The 21.21.7 model consists in portlight 21.21, with an aluminium casting deadlight originally supplied. This Tradition portlight is thus really indestructible.


ClosingClosing system
The Tradition portlight incorporate tightening knobs ("black seagull knob") which provide absolute watertightness when strongly turned off.
The round model can be held open using a rubber knob, and the other models have an adjustable friction device.



  • Supplied as standard with a gray acrylic glass
  • Mounting on a flat surface with a ± 1 mm tolerance
  • Approved in areas I, IIb, III and IV





Available options
  • Deadlight for 34.14 and 34.15 models
Spare parts
Spare parts
Spare acrylics
Spare acrylics



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