Cristal range

Cristal portlights


With a one-piece aluminium construction, the Cristal portlight is especially required for in-hull installation. Engineered in casting, it is sturdy and extremely durable. The 40° angled outside frame is designed to allow water draining when opening the portlight.
The Cristal range includes two versions od portlights : the oblong-shaped models and the rectangular-shaped models, referred to as "R".


Closing system
Portlights incorporate round a quarter handles positioned in fixed latches. The adjustable friction device allows the lid to be held open in any position.



  • Supplied as standard with a gray acrylic glass
  • Mounting on a flat surface with a ± 0.5 mm tolerance
  • Approved in areas I, IIb, III and IV for 23.10R, 33.13 and 33.13R models and in areas IIb, III and IV for 43.18 and 43.18R models





Spare parts
Spare parts
Spare acrylics



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