Tradition range

Tradition hatches


Legendary hatch, the Tradition hatch equips the most prestigious racing boats and number of service and exploration boats around the world.
Featuring a high profile and a large section, the one-piece aluminium casting lid ensures absolute watertightness and sturdiness.
Besides models 34.20 and 80.80, the Tradition range includes a compensating spring which allows the lid to be held open in any position up to 90° (maximum opening 180°).



  • Supplied as standard with a gray acrylic
  • Approved in areas IIa, III and IV


ClosingClosing system

Tradition hatches are equipped with inside handles that ensure ventilation while condemning the opening.
Apart from model 34.20, each hatch features outside handles that allow to put a lock on, and is supplied with plastic plugs to eliminate access from the outside.





Available options
  • Ventilator
  • Aluminium handles
  • Aluminium sheet metal panel
Spare parts
Spare parts
Spare acrylics

Hatches manufactured since 1982


Hatches manufactured until 1982




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