LuxAir glazing

LuxAir glazing




LuxAir glazing with portlights offer unprecedented ergonomics, and a design that breaks with existing solutions : only 2 handles are required to handle the portlight, regardless of its size.
The ultra rigid acrylic lid has no frame, thus maximizing light and ventilation. The machining of the acrylic support allows the integration of accessories and sealing. On the ouside, the portlight is completely flush, offering a perfect integration in the glazing.
Developed to facilitate the assembly, LuxAir portlights are integrated directly into their 12 mm or 15 mm thick acrylic. The unit is delivered pre-assemble, ready to install.



  • Supplied as standard with a gray acrylic glass
  • Mounting on a flat surface
  • Approved in areas IIb for the 48.17 model and in areas III and IV for the 48.29 model
  • Registered design, patented system


Inside handles


Hinges and reinforcements in anodized aluminium




Available options
  • More portlights dimensions : contact Goiot for all of your projects !



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