Dufour unveils the D460 at Cannes and La Rochelle


Dufour D460 - Goiot Systems  


Dufour Yachts presented their new D460 at the Cannes Yacht Festival and La Rochelle 2015 boatshow.

Inspired by the D500 and D560, the D460 nonetheless breaks with Dufours’s usual approach to big yacht design. The interior of this superbly comfortable yacht is remarkably light thanks to enlarged flush portholes, in particular to the fore of the main cabin. These panels are formed, machined and assembled in Goiot’s workshops. They exemplify the resolutely modern design of the D460. Note in particular the grooved non-slip finish on the outer face.
Also below decks you will discover our al*bright fiddles. Light and stylish, these profiles can make for an appreciable weight-saving on larger boats.

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D460 windscreen - Goiot Systems

D460 windscreen by Goiot Systems


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