New ! SecurAl multihull escape hatch

Trappe SecurAl

Goiot presents its new SecurAl multihull escape hatch, providing exceptional reliability :

  • Assembly bonded with a silicone sealant, wich quality and excellent aging have been confirmed by very thorough tests by an independent laboratory.
  • On the other hand : although overabundant and not technically imposed, addition of 4 mechanical securing nuts.

For the sake of clarity, the new escape hatches will bear the trade designation ‘SecurAl’.
They are completely interchangeable, including the spare lid, with the Cristal 49-42 hatches.

The new SecurAL hatches keep the advantages that have made the reputation of Goiot hatches :

  • Extremely rigid one-piece molded opening, ensuring a good sealing with the frame
  • Anodized aluminum for resistance to marine corrosion
  • Reduced weight by the use of PMMA
  • Competitive price

The new SecurAl hatches are available from May 2020.

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