Surface finishes

Surface finishes


Surface preparation

Thanks to a substantial machine park and a mastered know-how, Goiot offers you many finishes obtained by different surface preparations : brushing, shot-blasting, polishing, sanding, hammered-finish ...


Colourless anodization

Goiot has an installation on its site for anodizing parts up to 3500x900x900 mm.
Anodizing is a surface treatment which gives aluminium parts multiple properties :

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Natural and homogeneous metallic appearance
  • Strengthening the hardness of aluminium
  • Competitive advantage over powder coating

3 treatment ranges are available for your aluminium parts :

  • Interior range (5-10 microns) for kitchen or interior decoration items
  • Exterior range (10-20 microns) for structural parts or exterior decoration
  • Extreme range (> 20 microns) for parts intended to be subjected to attacks, such as those encountered in saline environments


Coloured anodization

In partnership with Aluminium Ferri, a company that has specialized in coloured anodization for more than 80 years, Goiot offers you an extremely varied palette of colours, for parts up to 3500x500x900 mm.



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