The aluminum sand and shell foundry has a casting capacity of a few grams up to 1.5 tonnes, intended for the manufacture of mechanical and decorative parts up to 900x900x200 mm.

Goiot brings you a complete service :

  • Assistance for the design of parts, study and production of tools
  • From prototype to mass production, with the possibility of machining and finishing
  • Electric and gas ovens, all dimensions hand molding, machine molding on 2 mechanized sites, gravity shell molding, sand molding, coring
  • Mechanical treatments (micro-blasting, shot-blasting, polishing, sanding, hammered-finish...), electrochemical treatment (OAS anodization), heat treatment on request
  • Dimensional control, micrographic examinations


The most commonly used alloys are:
On request, we also work other alloys : AS10, AU5GT... Contact Goiot for all of your projects !



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