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Sport'Al hand rails




The Sport'Al handrails range offers anodized aluminium deck accessories allowing a weight saving of 40% compared to stainless steel fittings, for identical performances. Designed with discretion and elegance, fixation is done by the inside, without need of mounting plates, and the diameter of the tube is reduced to 25 mm.

As an option, Goiot offers Sport'Al mounting plates :

    • For a mounting on the deck, with 60 mm diameter end and middle mounting plates
    • For a mounting through the deck, with 40 mm diameter unique mounting plates


Sport'Al conceptThe Sport'Al concept

As the complete Sport'Al chandlery range, the handrails and foot-restraints have been developed with an aluminium material derivated from aeronautics. Selected for its specific mechanical characteristics, it offers more lightness and performance. The anodized finish ensures an extreme resistance to corrosion thanks to a thick protection layer, while allowing several styles of decoration.



Available options

    • Assorted mounting plates
    • More sizes on request
    • Curved models on request
    • For specific needs, we also offer customizable foot restraint, realized with a 30 mm diameter tube welded to mounting plates, to offer a wide lateral sitting base (mounting from the inside)


Sport'Al foot restraint

Sport'Al foot-restraint on Class 40 Campagnes de France


Watch the Goiot new products presentation video - AD Meetings (FR)
Download the Sport'Al handrails brochure



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