Cristal range


Cristal portlights


With a one-piece aluminium construction, the Cristal portlight is especially required for in-hull installation. Engineered in casting, it is sturdy and extremely durable. The 40° angled outside frame is designed to allow water draining when opening the portlight.


Closing system
Portlights incorporate round a quarter handles positioned in fixed latches. The adjustable friction device allows the lid to be held open in any position.



    • Supplied as standard with a gray acrylic glass
    • Mounting on a flat surface with a ± 1 mm tolerance
    • Approved in areas I, IIb, III and IV for 23.10R, 33.13 and 33.13R models and in areas IIb, III and IV for 43.18 and 43.18R models





Available options

    • Fly screen
    • Customizable colours (consult us)



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