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Aluminium Sport’Al ® stanchions on Energy Observer / Photo : Jérémie Bidon

Since 1928...

Since its creation in 1928, Goiot has been working with aluminium - a revolutionary material at the time - for industry, then for boating products.
Its outboard motors and all-aluminium winches have built the brand's reputation. As the inventor of light alloy portholes and deck hatches, Goiot has provided the nautical and shipbuilding markets with solutions adapted to the highest requirements.
This expertise continues today ; Goiot innovates with its Sport'Al, LuxAir, Satelly and Triak ranges, offering infinite customization possibilities. Integrating the concern for durability from the design stage, Goiot nervertheless takes care of ergonomics and technical performance thanks to its long experience.

Goiot's favourite metal is aluminium, as its qualities make it the material of sustainable development by excellence. Its ever-improving life cycle paves the way for the ships of the future through weight savings, positively impacting their carbon footprint. Its price makes it accessible for all types of units, while its durability and exceptional recyclability make it the perfect material for marine applications.

Entirely integrated on the industrial site near Nantes, France, its many competences and its design office allow Goiot to support each customer and every project, on addition to the standard ranges.

The combination between aluminium and other recycled and recyclable materials, such as clear PMMA*, contributes to the reduction of the use of raw materials and shows respect for the environment.

Build your sustainable success with Goiot !

Green Cast Madreperla

*Mostly use of MADREPERLA «GREEN CAST®» clear acrylic sheets, 100% recycled and recyclable.
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