Arnaud Gaist embarks Goiot Cristal hatches on GGR 2022

The skipper Arnaud Gaist, the only French competitor in the 2022 GOLDEN GLOBE RACE, completed a refit of his 1994 Barbican 33 this summer.

In order to improve the watertightness of the cabin, and to add a watertight compartment to the bow of his his sailboat, Arnaud looked for a reliable and durable solution, and naturally turned to Goiot.

Arnaud Gaist embarks several Cristal hatches on board, made of one-piece aluminum foundry, ultra-rigid and resistant to the worst sailing conditions.

 First step before the big departure: the qualification of 2000 miles in December 2021, when the conditions will not be the most fully test the boat and its skipper!

The whole Goiot Systems team will be behind Arnaud in this long adventure!

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