Goiot embarks on Figaro 3 with Damien Cloarec

Damien Cloarec Figaro 3


The professional skipper is ​​back again on the Figaro circuit, at the helm of his Figaro 3, bearing the sail number 30.
After a difficult year 2018, following an injury and despite the loss of his main partner, Damien has been able to meet the challenge of starting the Solo Maitre Coq. The start is encouraging, Damien finishes at the 33rd place on this first race.

The 50th edition of the Solitaire du Figaro will start this year from Nantes, the cradle of the Goiot brand and many nautical players.
The teams of Goiot Systems and Aluminium Ferri are proud to participate in this edition with Damien Cloarec.

All our encouragement to Damien !